The Relentless March of Progress!

After the whirlwind the other night, I snapped this picture of the rather dramatic looking Western sky. At the time, I thought it had an "ominous" look about it!

Did I say "ominous"? It certainly seems to have been for the shopkeepers at the Northern side of the Etap, opposite the pharmacy. Along with the demolition crew, there were two small trucks (like the ones which empty the street dumpsters), a 16 ton tipper and a rather large Police contingent. I waited for quite a while before taking this photo, as I became aware that one of the policemen was staring straight at me as soon as I produced my camera! As I didn't fancy a night in the cells, I quickly put it back in my pocket, only producing it again after he was called away. As per usual, I forgot to wipe the camera lens, hence the spots before your eyes (no, it's not the DT's after all).

It seems to me that the fact that this demolition work was being carried out at night, and with a heavy police presence, tells us that there is something not quite right going on in Luxor just now!


  1. Do you know if demolition has started?Very sad.
    By they way, I have posted photos of my ceiling on my blog for you.
    Have fun!

  2. It hasn't started, IT'S FINISHED! I'm hoping to get back there bukra and take some more pics. Btw, I saw your ceiling pics, they're fab!

  3. Glad you like the ceiling.
    Please post some more pics,this is so sad.Do you know if the shops have been given new premises?

  4. I'll try and get some pics in daylight. Do you remember Anthony, with the big statues? Well, although I haven't actually seen him there, there are very big ststues now outside of a shop next to the station.