On arriving home in Luxor.

Well, yes we got back home to Luxor without too much trouble, Hamdulillah! But many places are hardly recognisable. The front of the friendly old Etap (El Luxor Hotel) is covered in snow…………

The old premises of the Oasis CafĂ© which, you’ll remember, moved up to St Joseph Street next to Tuttie Frutti, has been turned into a new restaurant cunningly called the “Oasis Palace” which I think is a bit of a cheek!

Mind you, they have certainly spent some cash on the place, it's just a pity that they are trying to cash-in on someone else's good reputation!

We also called at the NP (Steigenberger Nile Palace, do keep up!) where they had a wonderful poinsettia Christmas tree. It was made up of individual plants in pots, most ingenious, and very effective. The funniest thing about their Christmas decorations, is that their Santa Clauses always have saxophones!!!!!!!!! What's all that about, then? Even some of the Egyptian Christmas cards have him with a sax!

We arrived back at the apartment to find a generous covering of dust, well, it was better than finding a generous covering of snow, wasn't it?

The good old Karcher vacuum made sharp work of that!


  1. I think I could do with a vacuum. I just seem to spend my life cleaning. Where did you get the vacuum from? I just do a sweep and mop job.

  2. You'd be surprised at some of the stuff we humped fo England!
    I don't only have the Karcher, I also have a big nasty Kirby Legend! I find that the Karcher is great for lifting dust of the hard surfaces, but the Kirby is the business for the carpets and rugs, and have you ever had the Kirby demonstration on your mattress? If you had, you'd be sleeping on the floor now!!!!

    Happy New (and bug free) Year to everyone.

  3. I have looked at Karchers a few times. I would really love a Karcher Steam cleaner. I currently use a mop and bucket as a temp measure but I hate it. I want to feel that my floors are REALLY clean. Maybe I need a vacuum and steam cleaner - bit pricy though. Must do some research