Catering Wars in the Town Centre.

Eateries are always a matter of personal preference, I know that! So I'm not actually making recommendations here, OK?
This is a shot of the brand new "New Oum Hashim Restaurant" which is just up from the Duty Free shop in town.

It's actually diagonally across the road from the "old" Oum Hashim Restaurant, that's right next to the bakery: the one where you couldn't breath as you walked past! Funny thing is, it was recommended in several guide books!

Never mind, they seem to be going to run them like a two prison sentences: concurrently!

Before this new development they were a respectable distance from Chez Omar (from whence I have been buying take-away kofta for the past 5 years or so), but now they are practically on their doorstep.

As well as being in a more prominent place than their old one, they have also geared up to vastly increase their take-away trade, the targeted opposition here has to be El Zaeem 200 mtrs away on Yousef Hassan Street. El Zaeem (the take-away bit, at least) is always busy, and they've just spent a great deal of money doing the place out after only a couple of years.

I just hope that there's enough business for them all.

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