I kid you not!!!!!

You know when you're glad you picked up your camera before you left the house? Well, that was me today.
Freda had found two lamps which took her fancy in a shop called City Styel, (that's what's on his business card) on Television Street. We went for them today, and while the shopkeeper was seeing to two other customers, I was nosing around at his rather comprehensive stock, from toys to clocks, from lamps to ornaments, from train sets to cosmetics. He really does have quite an array!
But then I found something that I had really NEVER expected to find anywhere, but, this is Luxor. CARRY ON DOWN THE PAGE!

Yes Dear Reader, it's the real, the genuine, never to be found again so buy it while you can! It's even 4 in 1 !!!!!! What more could the ladies ask for?
I wonder if he'll be "run out of town" like they did in the Wild West?

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