More Stick Dancing in Luxor.

We usually only get to see proper Stick Dancing during the Moulid of Abu El Haggag, but I know that there is some sort of famous Stick Dancing event held here in Luxor other than that. Maybe this is it? I'll ask someone who might know, tomorrow. Meanwhile, enjoy the show! (Double click on the vid to view it full screen)

I got another clip from the other side. I couldn't work from the front because of the lights, they would have blinded the lens. (I don't suppose that's real photographic terminology, but it'll have to do.)

Clever Clogs, with her perfect hearing, first heard the music as we were walking from the Corniche, up the side of the Temple. "I told you there was something going on", crows She! (Is it my fault I'm going deaf at this tender age?) There it was, behind the Temple, where the Squash Court had been the other week. No tiered seating this time, just rows of chairs and a man with a video camera getting in everyone's way.

I don't think it could be described as a "fetish", but I do notice people's feet and footwear, it rather takes the shine off a traditional dance when you see that the dancers are wearing trainers, don't you think? I cannot quite envisage the famous Earsdon Sword Dancers hoisting their intertwined rapper swords while poncing about in trainers, like Jessies, somehow!

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