Picture Book.

Heheee! Who remembers that, eh? Along with The Woodentops, Andy Pandy, Bill and Ben, and of course Rag, Tag and Bobtail! Aaaah, the innocent pleasures of childhood, would that we could be so easily pleased nowadays, especially the young ones of the present generation.

But, it's back to reality for you, Dear Reader; we've got pictures taken randomly in and around "Our Luxor", including this first one, the subject of which is (ahem) 'on loan' from the Egyptian Museum. (They don't know yet, but I suppose that they'll soon find out and we'll have Egyptian 'Plod'  knocking on the door!)

The most famous visitor we've ever had at "Our Luxor":

I expect that the (supposed) competition will be grinding their teeth when they see that photo. Who'd have thought it; Tutankhamen, eh? I wonder what we'll give him for breakfast?

I've been snapping away hither and thither (that sounded like Frankie Howard, for a minute there) and at anything which took my fancy, so you'll have to bear with me. Let's have a look:

The first one of the Temple was taken from the Winter Palace end, the second one was taken from the bridge over the Kebash Road, at the bottom of Yousef Hassan Street. On the extreme left of the picture, is our street sign, here, I'll blow that bit up so you can see it:

It's not very good, is it? Nevertheless, that's the bottom of our street, five minutes from "Our Luxor".

This next one is of an overloaded motorboat on the Nile. Of course the occupants are Egyptians and it would seem that their safety isn't important to the authorities. This size of boat is only allowed to carry 15 paying foreigners, you can count the number of Egyptians yourselves; and, foreigners aren't allowed on the roof, either. One bloke there is holding a toddler! Just imagine what would happen if the boat hit a large tree branch or something in the water, it doesn't bear thinking about!

What's your 'cap-size', sir?

I love to see palms in silhouette, especially against a nice warm sunset: 

For the past two weeks we've been experiencing power cuts most evenings (although we've been OK the last two nights, shhhhh!). The town shuts off, section by section, for about an hour; it's quite eerie!

The building opposite us is illuminated by the generator operated shop lights on our side of the street. See the long wall in front of the building?

Not any more, you don't! Apparently, it was unsafe, so they're demolishing it in order to build a new one, it's the back wall of the school yard. 

A scene which always lifts my heart is to see the ducks flying in their strange, ribbon-like, formations. I caught these flying downriver outside the Etap, just the other day, aren't they wonderful?

This next one is of Annabell. She's the latest foal to be born to one of our mates horses. She's named after a very kind English lady whom we both know.

She's more often to be found tied to the horse which is pulling his caleche, that's the foal and NOT the lady!


  1. Lovely horse.

  2. I am not the only one that enjoys pics of the horses! Love this posting, photographs in and around Luxor. I enjoy putting names to faces and to places. Like the felafal stall by the railway line, and El Zaeem. It is down to your previous postings, that I now love koshary and a good felafal sandwich too. So for us ladies, animals and food please! Did you have pancakes, so many eggs for sale in Luxor, you must have done!