Like Webster's Dictionary, we're........................

Hello there Dear Reader, I've got a load of interesting pictures ready to go on here, but I just haven't had time to do the Blog that will go with them. So, I'm afraid that you will have to wait until after next week to see them, sorry.

Mind you, I'll have another set of pictures (or two) for you by then, insh'Allah.

As you're probably aware, we're currently in Windy Nook; back for Easter when I'll be able to join with our Chapel choir in singing "The Crucifixion" on Good Friday. I haven't sung it for a good number of years through being away in Luxor, so I'm really looking forward to that. Before we came away, I did notice something which might be new to you, what about this:

This picture was taken on Sharia Karnak, and shows the strange phenomenon of the palms wearing 'overcoats' made of straw! It shows you just how cold it really is.  

Something else that caught my eye was this poster:

As you can see, it's for the African Film Festival, which runs in Luxor from the 16th till the 24th of March. Let's all hope that it attracts more and more new visitors to spend their money in good old Luxor! It started the day we came home.

In the meantime, you can see if you're able to solve the riddle of the title, then you'll know where we are! (It's a line from a song and the missing next two words give the answer.)

Keep well, then.

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