From the sublime to the ridiculous!!!!

Here we are, back at Windy Nook! As we drove from Manchester Airport, the weather got worse and worse. We knew, for sure, that we were definitely back in the good old UK! In fact, even though we were travelling in the morning, it seemed as though dusk was coming upon us, it just got darker and darker; and more depressing with each succeeding mile.

Did you solve the little riddle which I left with you, Dear Reader? Did you recall the "Road" films of Bing Crosby and his chum Bob Hope? That's where the quote came from; the film "We're off on the Road to Morocco", and the line goes; "Like Webster's Dictionary, we're Morocco bound." Yes, we've been back to Marrakech!

Is that exquisite, or what? It's our dining area in the riad we chose to stay at; the Riad Dar Zahia, ( right in the centre of the Medina. We had about a five minute's walk into the main square (Djemma El Fna) where everything happened both day and night.

When we first landed, the taxi dropped us off at a road junction where we were met by a man with a bogey, for the luggage, who led us through the tangle of narrow alleys and busy souks to the actual riad which would be our home for the next five nights. Here are a few pics of the last couple of hundred yards, we thought that we'd have to stay in the riad for the duration, as we couldn't imagine finding our way back again, ever!

That's our suite; Saida. (Maybe it should have been Sayidi, which means Upper Egyptian! lol.)

The architecture and interior design are spectacular, to say the least, here are a few general views:

Of course, this was all originally created in the 18th Century, so it's at least 214 years old, and possibly 313! I suppose that labour was very cheap then; it's relatively cheap today, but this calibre of work would still now only be affordable to a tiny minority of folk. We can only dream!  

Our suite, the Saida, was equally impressive, if not quite so elaborate:

I'm sure you'll agree that these three pictures show a very nice room, but the clincher, the 'piece de resistance', is this:

Have you ever been in a bathroom with this sort of facility? It's fabulous!

I think that's enough for tonight, but I'll be back with more when I get around to it. In the meantime, keep well and keep loving!


  1. Hope you had a good trip, the riad looks absolutely stunning, did you manage to try the sheep head meat in the square? Looking forward to reading more on the blog about your trip. Shame we missed each other by a week or so, Suzie

  2. Looks really nice. have a nice time in england pity your not near us to say hello but at min we are always at drs or hospital rool on oct we hope

  3. Hi, Suzychuck,
    Actually, we're planning to spend a few days roaming around the more Southerly parts of the country and visiting some of our far-flung friends this summer! Of course, you are on that list, and we'll be in touch as soon as we are more sure of whether our plans are actually workable. We are very excited at the possibility, and can hardly wait to see friends which we haven't seen in Luxor for some time.
    In the meantime; look after yourself and His Lordship and we'll see you soon, insh'Allah.

  4. insh}allah sandra mick