Nearly forgot!

I was at a bit of a loose end, for a while, this afternoon, so decided to tidy up my pictures folders on the jolly old lap-top. In doing so, I came across these few pics which I took the other night at the Nile palace.

Now then; you'll surely remember that our famous royal guest is safely on his way to the Travel Trade Fair in Berlin? Well, we'll be there also. (If not in body, then certainly via video!)

As we sat there with our usual tea, coffee and, I think it was, English cake; Mr Mohamed Ragab (in charge of all the waiting-on staff) approached us with two gentlemen armed with a movie camera on a tripod! They were hoping to find tourists (or at least foreigners) who would 'stand up and be counted' on behalf of Luxor. They asked if we thought that Luxor was safe, and if we had had any untoward experiences which might deter us from remaining in or returning to Luxor. All we had to do was speak to the camera and relate our experience.

I'm aware of the fact that many Egyptians are all 'doom and gloom' at the moment, and that some of the 'business wives' are being warned by their 'husbands' to stay away because of a perceived 'imminent danger'. Nevertheless, we carefully weigh-up the atmosphere here on the streets as we go about our daily business, and to be perfectly honest, we don't see any reason at all to be any more vigilant or fearful than we would be at home in Gateshead or Newcastle! So that is roughly what we said to the camera. (I'm not inviting an argument here, and neither will I publish any comments which I deem to be inflammatory, as the perception of safety or otherwise isn't the point of the post!)

We were the only people who were readily available, but by the time they had recorded us there were a few more people coming and going. Cheeky Charlie Mr Mohamed just asked people willy-nilly, and it seemed that no-one refused his pleas! Here is a selection of the other interviewees:

The two above sounded American, but they might have been Canadian, I couldn't tell. But I do apologise if they are actually Canadian, as I know how much most of them just hate to be confusedly taken for Americans.  The next two were definitely English, I suspect that they had been passengers on Thomson's first Luxor flight of 2014, from London Gatwick.

The two ladies in this shot (one is mostly obscured by the chair on the left) were speaking English, but with an unrecognisable foreign accent!

Whatever nationality we were; we're ready now for the German travel agents to hear our opinions, in the hope that they'll send us more tourists to have a thoroughly wonderful holiday, and, in so doing, help the plight of the poor Egyptians who are waiting and waiting for their coming!

That's enough for just now, I'd better get back to work with the pictures.


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