Second Chance.

Well, well, well.
I was visiting a frend in his office on the Corniche when a rough looking face presented itself at the door. Galabeya wearing, head encased in a rolled up scarf, this face was somehow familiar!
Some Arabic argy bargy ensued and my friend (Mr Bahaa) was taken by the wrist and led outside. Of course me and most of his staff followed on, them laughing and shouting, as the Egyptians are wont to do. The stranger was leading Mr Bahaa towards his donkey, with bulging bags hanging over its back. Just as the light of rememberance was coming on in my mind, Mr Bahaa realised it too, this was the Snake Catcher, whom I had seen on the West bank the other week!!!!! I've never seen anybody move so fast as my little mate just then, like a bullet from a gun!
The Snake Catcher stuck his hand into the bag and fished out a Cobra. My camera was in my pocket, as he lightly shoved it a couple of times with his foot and in anger its head started to widen (like the one in Peter Ustinov's bathroom in Death on the Nile). By the time I managed to get around in front of the daft thing it looked like a ordinary snake again. But I did manage to get a couple of pics this time. They don't look as good on the tiled pavement as they would have done on the rocks and sand of the West Bank, but 'Beggars can't be Choosers'.

Click on either picture to make it bigger.

Knowing the score (a bit, anyway) I gave the man 5LE backsheesh. A crowd soon gathered, including a couple of English tourist ladies, one with camera. "Don't forget to give the man some backsheesh." said I. But she wouldn't, how hungry are some people?
Shortly after that, the policeman from the bank next door made the Snake Catcher move his donkey away and the excitement was over.
I had been most surprised to see him on the Corniche, he was about 18 kilometres away from where I saw him previously.

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