Another video.

The start of this one is taken from the back end of the re-development site. from near the Green Door tourist shop just along Mohamed Farid Street from the Arabesque Hotel.
The new buildings in the foreground are already built and being fitted out with lovely glass fronts etc. As we pan along the street the new road turns off to the right, about opposite the Student Card place and through whereabouts the No-Name Bakery now stands. It follows on around the back, between the Hotel School and the back end of the OWP swimming pool, coming out right next to the back entrance to the Winter Palace gardens on the traffic island at the bottom of TV Street.
As you look over the new pool and through the new covered part of the Winter Palace, you can see the Temple and the West Bank actually from the pool.

I hope this gives you a better idea of what is going to happen, don't know how long it will take though, lol.

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