The Searchers.

No, not the sixties pop group! I'm talking about people like me, who are always on the lookout for something different or CHEAP.
I've always loved junk shops, I'm not talking genteel antique places or even "House Clearance Specialists", no I'm talkimg real JUNK! Like the stuff our old house was filled with, the stuff which relations and friends of our parents had given us when we first started out together nearly 40 years ago, all the things which they wanted rid of.
I also love digging around in scrapyards and on rubbish tips, it's absolutely amazing what some people throw away. (This won't mean much to the uninitiated, but I once found a brand new, shrink wrapped, Ford 360 Turbo short motor in a scrapyard. Obviously I bought it and we all made some good money out of it. Those were the days!)
Anyway, we were shown this place by a lady friend of ours, it's up, just off, New TV Street in Luxor. It's like a modern-day Aladdin's Cave, honestly. No roof, apart from a few rags fastened here and there, no lights, so it's no good going in the dark, and rickety steps leading up to the entrance.........lovely jubbly, I knew I would like it as soon as I saw it.
Blow the pictures up, by clicking on them, and just see how many different sorts of things he has there. You'll be astonished.

There are bits of computers, hotel towels and staff uniforms, a camshaft from a big engine, telephones, cane sunloungers, a large almost new fridge-freezer. The list is almost endless.

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