New Developments at Winter Palace Luxor

Went to the Winter Palace today, to have a better look at the model of the proposed re-development. It is pretty swankey, I've got to say. We used it as an excuse to have a "High Tea"! As well as pulling down the old and tatty Mubarak Tourist Bazaar, the Pavilion Wing is to go too. The hotel will then extend all the way around the corner opposite the Temple, and up to about where the entrance to the Egotel/Mercure Inn/Swiss Inn used to be. According to the model; Sindbad's, Hammee's and the Ali Baba are all for the chop as well! The area from Ali Baba's right around to the Gaddis shop in front of thr OWP will be pedestrianised. I managed a few photo's.

Click on the pictures to make them bigger.

I also took a short walk round wideo. The commentry is very poor, as I was too far wawy from the camera (I think). Also, towards the end, we are not looking at Ahmed Orabi Street, but Mohamed Farid Street. It was probably "stage fright", sorry.

Well, what do you think?

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