Here we go again!

Well, voting time has come around again, here in Luxor. We've known about it coming up for weeks now. There are posters everywhere with pictures of smiling candidates, along with pictures of cars or joints of meat etc. which I suppose are advertisements for their sponsors.

These following ones have been up for ages:

If you've been to Luxor during the past few years, you might just recognise the building in the picture. It's the new St Joseph hotel, on the Iberotel roundabout, the building of which has been ongoing for too long! As well as the candidates' pictures including messages from their sponsors, they also have their number on them. The highest of which I've seen so far is 22! I wonder if they have an Egyptian equivalent of our own Monster Raving Looney Party? (I'm pretty sure that someone told me that this was the new name of the former Labour Party, since their new leader took over?)

Anyway, the polls opened today. If we hadn't known about this previously, we couldn't have been mistaken when we noticed the security services flying up and down all the main streets of Luxor in their helicopter.

Then, when we ventured out this afternoon, we found that a few of the main roads were actually closed to motor traffic! The arabeya (mini-bus) was re-routed here and there, and along the Corniche, where they're usually banned from. This didn't affect us, but several people were complaining that they'd have to walk quite a distance.

Let's hope and pray that the Egyptians get a proper government this time, one which will get the country moving again, and keep all of its disparate citizens safe. Of course, we who are used to democracy know only too well that any elected government can only ever be the best of a bad lot. They cannot please all of the people all of the time, no matter who or what they are!

God bless them, anyway.


p.s. Number-One-Son collected another melodeon for me tonight, It needs a bit of work, but here's a sneak preview, just for you, Dear Reader:

            I can't tell you how excited I am!

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