A bit of what you fancy?

Yes, Playmates, a bit of what you fancy does you good! Or so says the old adage. Freda is always trying to get me to eat healthily, you know, fruit and rabbit food and the like. To be perfectly honest, I don't mind the odd bit of fruit. a banana here and apple there, even things like nectarines go down well, but I forget to eat them when they're sitting there in the fruit bowl, getting gradually softer. Like everything, I need my beloved to remind me. Poor state of affairs, I know, but there you have it, that's just how it goes!

Never mind, though. I was delighted to see a headline in the MailOnline today which was quoting some "expert" or other (I didn't bother reading the article, as all these daft things are just another example of people misusing statistics) as saying that to keep fit and healthy, we didn't need to exercise, we could eat bacon to our hearts content, and we should NEVER eat fruit! What do you make of that?

Well, what I have been fancying a bit of lately is some smoked ham from Alfred the Christian shopkeeper in the souk, along with a fried egg or two and all squeezed into a nice soft round buttered breadbun with a splash of HP Fruity sauce. "Not much to ask," I can hear some of you mutter, well that's what I thought also!

On Friday or Saturday, as I made my way to the bakery behind the Temple, I called in to see Alfred, just to see if he had any ham in his ancient fridge. "Yes, and it's very good" came his usual friendly reply. Unusually though, we had our meals planned for the weekend, so I sought his reassurance that he would still have some left by Monday.This assurance was forthcoming, I'm pleased to report.

Here's Alfred's little grocery store, where he has to jump over the counter to get in or out. That's his dad sitting outside, that's what the old men seem to do here, sit outside and watch their sons carry on the family business. Selling ham marks them out as Christians, and I've never seen either of them wearing the galabeya which is commonly an inter-faith, male garment, they both speak good English too, which is a great help to the likes of me. (The woman in front of me, also pictured, bought 40le's worth of sweeties!)

Anyway, to get back to the matter in hand; last night I developed a real craving for a fried smoked ham and egg sandwich (or two), but, of course it being Sunday............!!!!!!!

After a night of sleeping very intermittently, due to my excitement over the latest melodeon acquisition, I forced myself to get up and ready, in order to get down to Alfred's shop and claim my smoked ham. We'd got some round breadbuns in especially to accommodate eggs which had been fried in the round egg-frying-thingies along with the round pieces of smoked ham. My mouth was watering as I made my through the souk towards my mate's little shop, I could taste it, I could even smell the delicacy frying!!!!!

"Sorry, sold out. I should have some more in five days." You know the saying about being hanged for a sheep as a lamb? It's similar to the Christian stance whereby the "sin" is in the thought leading to the action, well I would have been strung up if anyone could have read my mind at that moment.

Ho-hum, it's Egypt!

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