Just a Quickie.

Well, as far as I was aware, the elections were over last night. Nevertheless, it seems that one would-be representative didn't want to stop electioneering! Apparently, one of the Idris/Edris* family is standing for office, and he is a sponsor of some football association or other in Luxor, hence this travelling showpiece which I caught on TV street last night. The two little boys perched up a-height on the last truck looked terrified, and rightly so! I'd hate to imagine what would happen to them if the truck had to stop short. (The video's loud, mind!)

(*The Edris/Idris family are famous in Luxor as owners of the Tut Hotel and various restaurants, transport and sporting facilities.)

As we made our way back home, along Khaled Ibn Al AWalid street, towards the Iberotel roundabout, we were suddenly caught in a severe gust of sand-laden wind. It was quite stifling! I eventually managed to get the camera out and going, but I only caught the tail-end of the short sand-storm as we trotted along the Corniche:

You can see the sand as it creates a strange glow around any light source. I certainly saw it this morning, when I came to vacuum the roof terrace!!!

Can you see the stripe made with the first run of my trusty K'Archer vacuum? Labour in vain, that's what cleaning amounts to here, labour in vain!

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