6th October Celebrations in Luxor.

I wrote the following on October 6th, but haven't had time to edit the video until just now, sorry!

Hello there, Strangers!

Yes, today is the 6th of October, when all of Egypt celebrates their army reclaiming the Sinai from Israel by crossing over the Suez Canal. Here in Luxor, the "Powers-that-Be" decided that a good way to show the town's support for all things official would be to have a parade, with everything from bands to boy Scouts taking part. I read about it coming up on Luxor4U:


We decided to have a look, and the plan involved having a cup of tea at the Winter Palace, quelle surprise! Lo and behold, arriving at the same time was His Excellency, the Governor of Luxor. I don't know his name offhand, but it was obviously him by his entourage.

That's the man, facing the camera, with spectacles. I knew one of the women with him, and had a chat with her as she took herself outside for a sly smoke. The Governor was there to greet the assembled hoards as they made their way along the Corniche El Nil. It was supposed to start at 16.30 hours, and not the 16.00 as stated in the Facebook info, but she told me that at about 16.35!

Eventually, the Governor's party rose to go outside, and I dutifully followed on. Whilst they went down the stairs and onto the pavement of the Corniche, I stayed on the stairs, to get a better view and hopefully a better video! I was actually quite looking forward to it, as I recalled the Police Band playing on the Corniche many years ago.

What ensued was not what I had expected. In fact, I found it rather embarrassing!
Here's a little video, without any explanation from me, so you can judge it for yourself:

Without doubt, the best part of the parade was the group from the Rowing Club, here they are, actually organised:

Of course there was the obligatory van with loudspeakers, blaring out discordant music to drown everything else which was going on. (I didn't record that, as it was simply awful!)

I wonder what the next excuse for a party will be?

Bye for now.


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