A new President!

I've got to say that I think everyone who goes into politics does so with the best of intentions!

Yes, yes! We’ve all heard off the sleazy politicians (especially in local government) who seem to be there purely to feather their own nests! But I’m sure that even they started off with good intentions, only to be persuaded that it wouldn’t hurt to ‘look after’ themselves (and their mates) in the process.
So, here we are in lovely Egypt, with a new President, the candidate of the Freedom and Justice Party:  Mohamed Mursi. Other than that he’s a ‘five doctors’ (as an Egyptian friend described him) and that he’s a leading light in the much talked and written about ‘Muslim Brotherhood’, that’s all I know. I suppose that the fact of him standing on the Brotherhood’s FJP ticket means that he’s serious about his religion and his responsibilities. After all, he’s now the de facto leader of the world’s most populous Muslim country, so he must be.

Whatever your beliefs (or lack of them) are, we must all accept that Mr Mursi must have the welfare of Egypt, and the Egyptians, at heart. Maybe his ideas of effecting the wellbeing of his people are different to ours; about what that actually means when we get down to the nitty gritty, in a similar manner to Labour and the Conservatives, or the Republicans and Democrats. Like in every other country where the government attempts to govern with the will of the people, the leaders and officers must, at least, start off as people of goodwill!

I’ve met with one of the FJP’s elected men here in Luxor on a couple of occasions, Dr Abdulmagoud Dardery. He seems like a perfect gentleman to me! Educated way beyond what most of the people I know will ever be. He’s obviously concerned about, and determined to represent even us foreigners who don’t have a vote!

We’ll see what the local’s reaction is over the coming days; hopefully it will be like the Christian man whom I spoke to last night. He was happy to think that Mr Mursi would win, because he viewed him as a ‘religious’ man, and as such he expected him to keep his word regarding Egypt’s treatment of the ‘other’ religions represented here.

For the likes of us; I would encourage us all to hope and pray that he is indeed a man of his word. And that he sets his face against those who would cause more disruption in this struggling land, from whichever quarter it might arise! And, that he might do all in his power to reinvigorate and protect the tourism sector here in Upper Egypt, that its people might once again have honest work to do, and enjoy its benefits.
I don’t have many pictures that could accompany this post, but try this one for size!

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