More Search Keywords.

Hi, here's another bunch of search words which have brought unsuspecting surfers to my Blog! There are a few really queer ones this time: I think that "Man Stuck Inside Another Man Wife Due To Black Magic" has to be the most scary one, would you agree? The person looking for that was from an African county, but I've forgotten which one.

Possibly the most amusing one might be "touching a guys feet while he is drunk", I don't fancy trying that! One of the most surprising is the last one, as I actually know a foreign woman who is married to an 'Omar'. who works at the Winter Palace.

luxor men using tourist women omar from winter palace 31/05/2012 
we are infested with grass flies 31/05/2012
new roller blades for Christmas 29/05/2012
bondage birthday cake 29/05/2012
Shrink wrap bondage 28/05/2012
How to draw tuk yuk 28/05/2012
Pan handle sticking out of kitchen 22/05/2012
put two sheds together to make one home 22/05/2012
large tarpaulin for birthday celebration 22/05/2012
snap-on wobble torx 22/05/2012
london lights firework 20/05/2012
miles to go before I sleep wallpaper 19/05/2012
believe it or not this fork is not broken 11/05/2012
metal inside hammer drill breaking after first used 11/05/2012
Man Stuck Inside Another Mans Wife Due To Black Magic 11/05/2012
woody this is england88 10/05/2012
pigeon loft trap 10/05/2012
decoration marketing house for suit and shirt 10/05/2012
Goods transport agency 09/05/2012
dirty mobile home roof 09/05/2012
drunk girls toe 06/05/2012
full size laptop car wallpaper 03/05/2012
tee's off the luxor 03/05/2012 
luxor garden swing europe dealers 01/05/2012
German sandals for men very expensive medical 01/05/2012
counter strike birthday cake 30/04/2012
feature wall ideas at top of stairs 30/04/2012

Well that's it for May, I guess, TTFN.

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