Hello again. It's another lovely day here in Luxor, sunny and quite hot. (And very very quiet, all I can hear is the A/C!)

We were somewhere last night, where I would have liked to have taken a picture or two, but it was not to be! Freda dropped the camera yesterday afternoon (on the tiled floor!) and it's now not very well. But fear not! I've been into my 'Pictures' file, clearing out some of the older ones, and came across one or two which I have taken recently, but not used yet, plus, I've two which came in an email today, which you'll just love.

You know that bloke, I thought he was the richest man in the world, who owns Microsoft? Bill Gates? Well; it transpires that he's not as wealthy as our former President, who is currently clinging to life by the finest of threads, Mr Mubarak. According to Wikipedia, Mr Gates was worth $56,000,000,000 last year, whereas old Hosni topped that with a possible $70,000,000,000.

It seems obvious to me that this is the reason why Bill Gates has expanded his commercial interests into Egypt, I can just see his mind ticking away, and thinking, "This must be where the real money is to be made!" Here's the first sign of Microsoft's burgeoning Egyptian empire:

That's right folks, 'New Windows' potato crisps! No doubt, you'll remember the picture of all the (84 was it?) boxes of crisps outside of the tiny Mohsen Market down on Youseff Hassan Street, which I blogged a while ago? Well, good old Bill is obviously 'on the ball', and not too slow in spotting a potential market. 

Don't forget now; you read it here first! (Actually, I wouldn't be at all surprised if our squillionaire friend didn't get this original 'fortune-increasing-idea' from seeing the picture of Ahmed's many boxes of crisps on this blog!!!!! Maybe I should have a go at putting the bite on him? After all, if got the idea from me, I'm sure he wouldn't complain, eh?)

Meanwhile, back at the Ranch:

Our errant son sent us these two pictures of a road junction near to our home in Windy Nook, where we'll be in less than two weeks time. It's almost tempted us to rethink our holidays!

We desert dwellers aren't exactly used to this sort of thing, you know?

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