Entrepreneurial Spirit alive and well in Luxor!

A couple of months ago, I noticed that someone had had a good business idea! On the plaza behind the Temple, opposite McDonald's, there appeared a few electric kids cars and quad-bike-like things. Perhaps one of them was even sponsored by a local company?

There were about a half dozen or so, pink girlie ones, police cars, and of course the Memphis Tours tourist car! I suppose that the person who had this bright idea was beginning to make a decent little living. Well done that man!

Then, I noticed one or two of those 'micro scooter' things, and then a real quad-bike, now there's a real  horse there as well, and four different sets of electric cars and other things to ride upon. There's about 35 to 40 of them, and perfectly predictably, nowhere near enough customers; or space for them all to run !

Now, I know that times are hard in Luxor, as they are all over Egypt, but this copying anything that seems to be making a few bob is just plain daft!

As you all know, we live just at the top of Gold Street (yes, it's really called Mustafa Kamel Street, but never mind!) and someone has opened a new shop selling, wait for it............gold! The coffeeshop which is just on the main road outside of our alley has been closed for about a year or so, through lack of business.

Here's our oldest  neighbour, Mr Mohamed, (he's about 83!) in his usual morning seat which is on the pavement outside the defunct place.

The entrance to it is about 5 paces from Adams small coffeeshop (opposite us,remember?)

and about 40 metres from the next biggish one across the street, which is just a matter of two doors away from the next, quite large, one. In between, is the Mosque and the young man who makes and sells tea, coffee and shisha pipes right outside the entrance, against the Mosque wall. Well, the owners of the aforementioned coffeeshop have been busy, over the last week or so,  redecorating the whole place. New windows and everything! It looks as if it's going to be on a Nubian theme, with rope wrappings around things and 'dom' fruits hanging from bits of wire etc.

I just wonder why they imagine that it's now going to pay, when it wouldn't a twelvemonth ago? Like the kids electric things and the gold shops, and the telephone shops, the list is endless: the market is now saturated, and no-one is going to make a living. I just hope that their initial investment isn't being made with borrowed money!!!!!     

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  1. After my disastrous attempt at quad biking on the west bank what would you reckon my chances would be on one of the kiddie quads, or for the safety of others should I give it a miss? lol!!!! :-)