The Two Ronnies.

Who amongst you doesn't remember this sketch?

We'll come back to it an a minute.

Yesterday was Wednesday, and as I'm sure you all know; it's the day when most of the flights from England come to Luxor. It's our habit to trip off down to the Etap, drink tea and coffee and watch the tourist buses go by and see the new guests into the hotel. Yesterday was a bit of a disappointment, both to us, and to the hotel! There weren't many buses, and neither were there many new guests for Ali to check-in, I think there were about 18 or 20 altogether. But never mind, all was not lost. When young Mr Gaber brought the bill; it was only 20.25LE instead of the 27le which we were expecting. Apparently they have 25% off all drinks! So that's a good bit of news if you're coming or are already here.

All drinks at a 25% discount at the El Luxor Hotel.

Our new wardrobe (well it's not so new anymore, I suppose) has no handles on the doors! We just open them by holding the keys. Lately, however, (Lady) Fareda has become dissatisfied with this arrangement, and has demanded proper handles.(Like dem rich folks!) Ever ready to oblige (aren't I just?) I took her to the handle shop on the way back from the Etap. It's just a kick in the bum away from our baker, where we were going anyway. We also had decided to lash out on two escutcheons for the keyholes in the guest wardrobe. Honestly, there's no stopping us once we start!
Of course, the man in the shop doesn't have a word of English. (OK you clever-Dick Arabic speaker; what's escutcheon in Arabic?) We wandered around his shop and finally found what we were after. The tiny door handles which Lady Bountiful chose were 15 pounds each!!!!! That's a day and a half's wage for many people here! But never mind, I was out to treat my wife, and nothing was too good or too extravagant for her! (Although I did manage to extract a small discount out of the shopkeeper.)
The point of this story isn't, as you might imagine, to show you what a generous and caring husband I am. No! It's to bring you a (poor again, I know) photograph of something that the Two Ronnies would have liked, as it would have enabled them to stretch out that sketch for a bit longer; it's a...............

Next to it is a spoon handle, there's also, believe it or not; a knife handle! I think it's about time the man cleaned out his window display, though, don't you?

Do you know what? I do believe that it's time for tea!

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