Bringing the Mountain to Muhammad

I'm sure you all know that expression and what it means, but I expect that you are a bit like me when it comes to knowing where it came from. No matter, you're not going to find out here either, lol!

Now I'm also sure that, by now, you have had to have realised that we only have nice people stay with us. We took this decision quite early on; we are at a time in our lives where we no longer feel the need to put up with people whom we don't like! It's quite liberating, to be honest. We try to ensure that our guests will be people whom we can like by having lots of email contact with them before they come. When we are inviting guests into our apartment, we want them to appreciate that it isn't just a holiday rental, it's the culmination of ten years of planning and putting our hearts and souls into the development of it. We want our guests to feel the love that has gone into making their holiday one which they will not foget in a hurry! Our judgement hasn't let us down yet!!!!

Our guests have been invariabley kind, and not least; an English couple we had before Christmas. The husband offered to make us some dvd's to help wile away our cold winter nights, and post them to us at home in England in time for us to bring them back here when we returned. Along with the dvd's came some photographs and a covering letter. The photographs were for this man:

Now don't go telling me that you don't know him! This is Mr Jadhalla, the world famous felucca captain who once had the equally famous personage of Judith Chalmers for an outing in his felucca. If you've been to Luxor and wandered around by the Winter Palace and the Temple you nust have seen him, at least, if not actually been accosted by him. He's also know as 'Shakespeare', because of his habit of quoting the Bard at every opportunity. Well, our guest (whom we are now pleased to have also as a friend) sent Jadhalla a set of pictures he had taken of the 'Globe' theatre.

So it wasn't actually Mountain to Muhammad, more Globe to Shakespeare! But you get my drift? Anyway, Old Skinny-Ribs was delighted with them, all he needs now is a bit of work and a bit more food in his belly!

As we left him behind to make our way to our meeting (with free tea) at theWinter Palace, I was suddenly aware of a strange noise behind us! Of course, when you're strolling along in the middle of the road, you have to be aware of what's happening around you. I turned, to be confronted with a gang of (in-line) skaters! They were also in the road, and taking up most of it. Being quick witted, as usual, I whipped out my trusty Samsung, just in time to nearly miss them altogether! Here are some of them as they are hurtling down towards the Corniche:

We do get some strange people in Luxor!

Sorry, but that sounds suspiciously like the kettle boiling! Tarra!

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  1. I tell you what, 'Shakespeare's' eyesight is excellent!! In September/October last year he spotted us from quite a distance (before we spotted him) and 'accosted' us, as he does, and then managed to get a free drink of juice and a tip for doing nothing at all for us, but at least he went home with money in his pocket that day!! He's some character!! We've known him for a VERY long time!! I thought he was looking dreadfully thin though this year.