That Was the 'Forty Years' that Was!

Good evening and welcome, here today and gone tomorrow: our 40th wedding anniversary.

We celebrated in some style, even though we're poor! Started off with a lovely lunch, courtesy of the lovely Christine at Tutti Frutti, you've seen it before but it's worth looking at again:

Although Tutti Frutti is a spacious place, we could hardly get moved there today. I've never seen it so busy. I was pleased that we had actually booked our places! Today, I had the half and half dinner (beef and chicken together), I had also wanted some of her scrumptious apple pie for pudding, but was disappointed to find that they were sold out. Just my luck! We made do with a cup of tea and a natter, before tripping along to Arkwright's for some milk and bits and bobs.

At Freda's suggestion, we called at the Sonesta St George Hotel in order to further our culinary adventure! They had their A/C on so it was a bit chilly in there, as you can see from the pained expression!

After stuffing down the ample serving at Tutti Frutti, we could only manage to share this offering from the hotel's pastry chef:

We'd had a very pleasant afternoon, and with full tummies, we jumped on the first 'bus which came along. Horror of horrors! It had a bad infestation of flies, which we didn't notice until we were seated and on our way!

Every time the 'bus stopped to let people on or off, the flies had a bit of a dance around, bouncing off people's heads and things. It was disgusting! We decided though that it was better to stay on, rather than get off and hope for another 'bus to come along. We were pleased when we alighted in Mustafa Kamel Street! I complained to the driver, but realised that they were probably his pets.Never mind.

So, forty years, eh? I've been thinking how the women you love the most rule your life, don't they? I spent the first (almost) 20 years of my life being looked after and shaped in body and mind by my Mother, bless her. Then Freda has spent the last 40 years undoing mam's work as she moulded me for her own purposes!

It's no wonder they get on so well, when they've both had the same Plasticine to play with. I suppose that they've both done a reasonable job so far, in that I'm still alive and at their beck and call, lol.

(I opened my Christmas box of Hotel Chocolat Winter Cocktails tonight.They're truly delicious!)


  1. Just to say congratulations to both of you,you can both be proud,hope the next 40 are as easy for you.take care

  2. Congratulations! Looks like you had a lovely meal at Tutti Frutti. I'm glad to hear she was busy too. I'm going to try to stop in there when I am back in Luxor in March.