As our 40th anniversary looms, I thought I'd share a little sad tale regarding the state of the institution in Luxor:

Earlier on this evening, we decided to have some tuna sandwiches for supper. We like a sandwich or two to munch on as we watch a dvd on the laptop some nights, especially during this cold weather. But we also like to share a packet of crisps with them; they go very well together. There had been an open packet left from before we left for England (14th Dec?), but Freda rashly threw them out, and we had no more. Being the ever-willing-to-please-husband that I am, I offered to venture out and find some while my cherished wife of 40 years prepared the sandwiches.

I came across two of my neighbours sitting in the street, in their top coats and with their arms huddled around themselves against the cold. They looked rather glum, to say the least! "Why don't you go home, where it's warm" said I (in all innocence). "Ah, Mister Edward, I've been married for nearly 25 years, and it's better to be out here in the cold than at home!" "Yes, that's true." interjected the other one.

I continued on to the shop, and was sad for these two good friends and their respective wives!   

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