Some Mothers do 'ave 'em!

No, not a reference to the old TV programme starring Windsor Davis et al. Just an exclamation really.
I noticed, the other day, that one of the "Referring URLs" (where people are referred from to my blog) was actually a hardcore porn site! You could nave knocked me down with a feather. For a while now, I have been recording some of the search keywords which also direct viewers to the blog, I thought that they might give you a little amusement. So here they are............

Search Keywords for blog

love note for secretary 27/04/2011

wedding winter palace 27/04/2011

pictrure of practical chemistry 20/04/2011

reinforced cement concrete 19/04/2011

strange tank transporter 17/04/2011

Escort girl 14/04/2011

rent a flat in belzoni house Luxor 13/04/2011

luxor color civilian camera 12/04/2011

apartments in sardines 10/04/2011

luxor dish 20/03/2011

mr. ramadan Luxor 2010

I can see the connection in some of them but some of the others are really beyond me. What do you think? There had been one or two, previously, which were utter nonsense, but for the life of me I cannot recall them now, it's so frustrating!!!
One of them (again, I cannot remember now which one) I typed into the search engine and found something like 25000 results. Thinking that most people won't go looking at more than two or three pages; I decided to try and find the reference to "Discover Our Luxor Apartment". Well, after scanning 900 results, I gave up. Who is daft enough to trawl through all those (and obviously more) pages? (If you're going to say "Daft Edward" Don't!!!!)

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