Busy day and Full Belly!

The Manufacturer!

Freda's lists are ongoing, as you know. Lists of things for me to do, her to do, things to get now and things to get and do if and when the money becomes available. Well, we've conquered the A/C problems for the moment, but the new one in our bedroom is rather unsightly on the outside.

Solution? Get Edward the carpenter to box it in with some "Islamic" patterned board stuff (like pretend meshrabeya). That's been my job for most of the day today, but it isn't finished yet. When it is, I'll let you see the pictures I've taken as I have been going along.

Poorly balloon!

I'd actually forgotten that I'd snapped these the other day, until I was loading some other pictures onto the laptop. The balloon looks as if it is showing its occupants the Avenue of Sphinxes, from very close up!

Then, the strangest of things happened.................

It must have landed actually on the Avenue, I cannot think of where else it could possibly be!

The Main Event!

The exciting part of today was to come this evening. KV Explorer (of TripAdvisor fame) had invited Freda and I to join himself and his wife, and Suziesooze (of the same ilk) and her Mam for an evening celebratory meal at the cafe at Carter's House, over on the Side of the Dead!

It was Mrs KV's birthday, and KV certainly pushed the boat out. I was delighted to see an old friend there, the manager used to be at the New Winter Palace and had always been very welcoming and attentive when we used to either stay there or when we used to go and tourist watch when we first had our own property here. Needless to say (as most Egyptians do) he remembered me straight away, very gratifying!

There were three tables set together, with balloons draped around the four stout pillars surrounding the tables. Mrs KV was very excited, especially as we were the very first diners to book an evening meal at this very special venue. Can you imagine it? The very house where the famous Howard Carter, the discoverer of the tomb and fabulous treasures of Tutankhamun, the boy king. And no-one on earth has had this privilege before us, and for her birthday celebration!

The food was as you might expect food to be which has been prepared by the chefs of the Luxor Winter Palace, and the service was also what you might expect from one of the finest hotels in Egypt. The first course was a platter of four mezzes each, a beautiful creamy tahina, some aubergine with shredded carrot, Baladi salad, and some cucumber in yogurt, all with different dressings. With them came baskets of four different breads, and a small serving each of warm spring rolls. Utterly enchanting!

The main course was fish in a mouthwatering butter sauce, with a picturesque rice pyramid and all the trimmings.

The pudding was a gorgeous concoction of sorbets and coulis with candied stuff and sliced apple, magnificent!

The crowning glory of the evening, though, was the jaw-dropping birthday cake, not a mixture of different gateaux from Twinkies, oh no! It was a pastry chef's masterpiece from the head pastry chef at the OWP.

Yes, I'm sorry to have to tell you that they are indeed fresh strawberries all around the cake, and yes also that the statue of King Tut is made entirely of chocolate. We all had a substantial slice of cake, but there was still enough left to feed an army. Here's my slice, I had to manfully struggle to get it down!

Seeing as it's my birthday next week, I shared Mrs KV's party (and all at KV's expense!). As well as this treat, he also brought me a present of a box of assorted screws, from tiny lickle baby ones to BIG NASTY DADDY ONES! Plus, a mini Surform. We both appreciate tools, but KV's birthday girl doesn't share our passion, so I chose the following song for her birthday............


Have a listen, I hope you'll enjoy it.

Just before I go: I should tell you a quickie! When people find my blog, it tells me where they found it. Today, some one typed into their search box "luxor color civilian camera", and found this blog! Queer, or what? Goodnight.

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  1. At the Al Moudira Hotel they box in the air conditioning units with Mashrabiya and it looks great!Look forward to seeing yours. The night at the Carter house looks great and making me feel very hungry.