It be the first of May, me ol' mangleworzel!

Today is Easter Monday, to many of us anyway. To some it's just a bank holiday Monday, or the spring break or whatever.

Here in Egypt it's "Sniffing the Breeze", a custom which has been celebrated since at least 2700BC, apparently. All Egyptians, whether Muslim, Christian or "other" celebrate the renewal which spring brings by having a picnic! The usual fare is salt fish and onions, coloured eggs are also part of the festivities. I cannot back up this claim with references, but I should imagine that most civilisations have some history regarding appeasing the gods at this time of year, and using the symbol of the egg as a sign of new birth is common all over.

Luxor residents tend to congregate wherever there is a small piece of grass on which to spread their blanket. If there's no grass; then any space will suffice! The Corniche will be heaving with mothers and children, some fathers too. The paved area behind the Temple will be jamb-packed. But.....remember what I wrote yesterday about litter and rubbish? Well, tonight and tomorrow will demonstrate just how messy Luxor can get for the poor Amoun men!

Spring being in the air here (it's absolutely gorgeous here, by the way) some of the mad English people residing on the "Side of the Dead" intend to have their own Mayday celebration over there at the Sheherezade Hotel on Sunday! Yes, Maypole, May Queen and the works. I'll just have to get over to see it all. According to my source, it starts at around 4pm and people attending should wear flowers of some description. The Sheherazade is only a ten minute walk from the ferry, I might see you there!

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