Rain, rain go away. (Don't come back another day!)

It's 05.25, and handsome chaps like me should still be asleep!

The temperature when we went to bed at about a half past midnight was still over 35c, but I didn't want to have the A/C on all night just yet. Big mistake! The bedroom was quite cool from having the new unit blasting away for a couple of hours before bedtime, and I (at least) was soon asleep. However, it was a fitful sleep as the room didn't stay cool for long. I awake violently at 04.16, it was raining, and hard enough for me to hear it stotting off the roof!

I panic at the sound of rain, as all I can think of is (a) having to repaint the flat, and (b) what can I do to stop all the furniture getting wet? I was out of bed in a trice. As my hand touched the wall to steady myself, there were sparks! I'm having this problem of static electricity at the moment and I keep giving Freda shocks when I touch her. (It's a good bit of fun, actually, as she's been doing it to me for years!)

Anyway, back to the point of this. Brought all the cushions in from outside, and the line of dry washing, of course. And then went and sat in the shaded bit of the roof terrace, willing the rain to stay light and to stop shortly. (Shades of King Cnut, eh?) The big nasty black clouds which were dispensing the rain were moving north easterly, and I could see little bits of night sky here and there. Then came the lightning. (I'm always reminded of scripture when I see the lightning: "As the lightning flashes from the east to the west; so shall the coming of the Son of Man be!" As quick as that.)

It seemed to ease off, so I came indoors and .... made a cup of tea, of course! It soon started again but after a while of being on and off, it now seems to have stopped altogether.

Now that we are wide awake it's no use going back to bed, so Freda is on with her absolutely favourite task, ironing, and I'm about to try and do something with the roof terrace, as our current guests are expecting breakfast out there at 08.00.

I'm just waiting for it to dry before I get the vacuum out. The dust was blown up just before we retired for the night. The wind has been coming and going as well, lately, but I suppose it is the season for the Khamsseen Winds from the Sudan.

Never mind, it'll be sunny again tomorrow!

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