Winners again.

Hi, it's now turned 11.30pm and they're still driving around in circles, drums banging and horns blasting. Who??? Just about all of the male inhabitants of Luxor (in fact Egypt), because their National Football Team have won the African Cup of Nations for the third time in a row!
From 6 o'clock till 9 this evening tourists in Luxor could have had a welcome break from the usual unrelenting hassle for which we are famous, as all the men were too busy watching the game of the year on televisions all over the town. The coffee shops were full to bursting, any offices which couldn't close had a telly brought in, other TV's were in the street with crowds around them. The whole place was a quiet as the grave.
Towards the end of normal time, the town suddenly erupted! Egypt had scored, it was enough to wake the mummies in their tombs.
We had been looking after a friend's office while his staff went to watch the game. On our way home, everyone was turning out of all the coffee shops etc. and going crazy in the streets. A big difference from England, as no-one had been on the booze, everyone was happy, and determined to let everyone else know they were and why they were! Those that weren't lining the streets were in the back, or on top of, or hanging onto the side of, every possible form of road transport. I took loads of photo's as we walked home, but they were nearly all blurred because of the traffic moving. (Could possibly be because I'm a hopeless photographer as well.)

Click on the picture to make the it bigger.

I was glad to get in the house, as I was sure someone was going to be seriously hurt, is this just an old age thing do you think? Some of the young men were holding spray cans which were actually lighted, spewing flames all over the place, while waving cheap flags around as well! I don't suppose for a minute that the flags were made of any sort of flame retardent fabric? (Is that the old age thing again?) Even with my dodgey 'old man's' hearing, I can still hear them in another part of town, I expect they'll be back down our street soon enough. I do hope that this isn't disturbing our American guest downstairs, I know that he retires quite early.
As it is now turned midnight, I think I'll give that a try just now. I doubt that even the noise of Luxor celebrating will stop me from sleeping!
Goodnight all.

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