Didn't it rain!!!!

Hi, no pictures for this little tale, I'm afraid.
The other night, I just happened to be looking over our terrace towards the Corniche and the Nile when I saw what I thought were flashes going off. "Must be some sort of professional do, with a flash that size" was my first thought. Haha, it wasn't until later that I realised it was lightning!
A bit earlier in the day, we'd had a bit of rain, you know; typical Luxor rain, just about as soon as you realise it's raining, then it has stopped. The last time we had real rain was also in January, but two years ago. It bucketed down for twelve hours! Many of our Egyptian friends commented that they had never seen rain like it, one 17 year old girl was so frightened because she thought that the world was coming to an end! The result for us was that we had to redecorate the whole of our upstirs apartment as the water came through our wooden roof, and then through our wooden ceiling, and brought with it two years of collected dust, turning our walls and floors (and just about everything else) black.
The atmosphere was quite oppressive, and a lot hotter than it has been of late. Then the rain started. We could hear the pitter patter on the roof, which got louder and ominously louder. The last time, we carried all the soft furnishings to safety in the downstairs apartment. But as we have an American guest staying there; that was not really an option this time around.
The lightning was now visible as lightning, and quite spectacular as well. I tried to get some photos, but my gas powered digital camera wasn't quite fast enough, all I got was pictures with an orange night sky! Never mind, I stood under our shaded bit of the roof terrace and enjoyed the free show, all the time dreading the consequences if the rain didn't stop soon.
Eventually, we toddled off to bed, after listening to and watching the rain, lightning and the rolls of thunder which seemed to be almost everlasting. I awoke suddenly, during the night, disturbed by hearing a DRIP! Then it sounded as if it was really pouring down. But, as I blinked into a state of wakefulness, I realised that the sound wasn't the rain, but the fan of the air conditioner which Freda has blowing all night to try and drown out my snoring, and the drip had just been a drip inside the roof space and not one on the floor. If I was Irish, I would have shouted "The saints be praised", but I'm not, so I didn't!
Later, when I read about the poor tourist who got drowned when a fellucca capsized and the Egyptians who were killed when their mudbrick house collapsed; I felt rather stupid.
As I had stood there, watching the lightning, my mind kept going back to that line from the Bible (I don't know where it is, mind) "As the lightning flashes from the East to the West; so shall the coming of the Son Of Man be". That'll be quite some appearance!!!!!

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