Do they know??????

Here's a funny kettle of fish to be found in Luxor, Egypt.

Click on the picture to make it bigger.

I've been meaning to take a picture of this sign for simply ages. In fact, I wanted to take the picture before the sign was here! Notting Hill College (Luxor Branch) used to be in a smaller place in a street nearby, where my lawyer's office also happens to be. I first saw the sign (smaller than this one) quite a while ago, and thought that it was a bit strange to have a branch of an English college in Luxor. Presumably the college is funded by tax/ratepayers, so what do they think of their money being spent over two thousand miles away? It's all very well being charitable, but I don't think that this sort of venture is necessarily why we pay our taxes etc. If I want to give to good causes; I'll decide which good causes, I don't need my (local) elected representatives doing it for me, thank you very much!!!!
Does Boris know about this?


Had an email from Private Eye on this one, I'm sure that they're a reliable source!

Dear Edward,
Thanks for getting in touch. Despite the grand sounding name, Notting Hill College isn’t actually a taxpayer funded college (nor are its UK offices even in Notting Hill). It’s a business offering correspondence courses.
Best regards,
Jane Mackenzie
Private Eye

Let's hope then that the Notting Hill College thrives here in Luxor, and helps many Egyptians to get out of the poverty trap! More power to their elbow, as the saying goes.

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