What's that place called? Dignitas, is it?

No, friends, it's really not quite that bad!

The water seems to be fine now, except that I'm going to have to re-adjust the pressure regulating valve at least one more time before our next guests arrive. The pressure of our shower is starting to be rather uncomfortable in our roof-top eyrie, so I expect that it's enough to take a layer of skin off down in the guest apartment! But that's for another day.

Today, my work plan was to give our doormat a good vacuum, then fix a Moroccan plate to the stair wall and then to have a go at getting all the functions of our web-site to work properly. (With optimism like that, I should be on the telly!) Of course, these trifles must be accomplished in between washing dishes and napping etc. As you know, Dear Reader, I'm also known as "Edward Two Vacuums", as I'm in the very fortunate position of having a choice between my Kirby Legend 2 and my K'Archer, which had a new main bearing fitted in the motor last year. The K'Archer is the ideal tool for vacuuming our tiled floors and mosaico (Colloquialism: Mosaico [mo-zyco] = a common type of inexpensive, hard wearing and decorative finish for floors, consisting of a plaster (?) base with small decorative stones mixed in.) stairs, as it's light and has a good suction. Whereas I wouldn't be without my Kirby when it comes to carpets and mattresses! So, out it came to vacuum the doormat.

"Ah", I thought, "best put a new bag in first". With the dust being so fine here, I find that the Kirby loses some of its suction before the bag is full. (This may just be a case of my imagination, but it is very heavy even at about one third full.) No problem, I went straight to where the spare bags are kept, first time! My heart sank as I became aware of dust and fluff coming out of the outer bag as I unzipped it! Had the paper bag burst, or was it more sinister than that? Yes, you guessed rightly, Dear Reader, it was something more sinister!

I cannot imagine how that came about, but it did! Never mind, you know that I won't be beaten, and I had it fixed in a few minutes. Hurrah!

The doormats catch a LOT of dust. So I vacuum them on both sides, over and over and over again, until there's hardly anything comes out when I drop them, up-side-down onto the clean tiles. It takes a long time, believe me!

After a while, I was surprised to hear a funny, high-pitched squeal coming from the vacuum cleaner. Obviously, I switched it straight off, and carried it to a table, where I could inspect it. After burning my finger end on the brush roller, I realised that the bearing had failed. This called for drastic measures.........a cup of tea!

On returning to the job in hand, it transpired that it wasn't a bearing as I expected, but a funny sort of thing altogether. It had a brass bush in the middle of a thin metal sleeve housed in a plastic "space-frame" type of thingy, which had melted with the heat! I destroyed it as I managed to get it to bits.

Here's the brass bush back in place. 

 And here's the two-part epoxy mix which I used to take up the gap.

The epoxy stuff has been in the toolbox for about four years, so I hope it's still OK.

After the epoxy resin stuff hardened, I gingerly tried the Kirby out, and much to my satisfaction, it seemed to be Ok again, enough to get today's job done, anyway.

So now, it's time to reward myself with a slap-up meal, courtesy of Mrs Adam, across the street:

Mind you, we won't manage to get through all that in one go, even with the best will in the world! Yes, Labour brings it's own rewards, especially if you vote for Jeremy Corbyn, lol!

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  1. Well, I was starting to lose the will to live reading about the vacuum cleaners - but then saw a photo of food on the silver platter, and my eyes lit up!

    Sorry you know my favourite topics are horses, then food, and local life. Mechanical things........ Well........ Love your postings though.