Back to normal!!!!!!!!

Normality has returned to "Our Luxor"!

Here's a variation of a picture of our recurring waterworks problems, for you. Isn't it just divine, Dear Reader?

That's our plumber friend, young Mr Hany (except when he doesn't turn up, then he's our plumber enemy!) Hany's a rather nice chap, in actual fact, especially as he seems to know what he's about. He's one of the plumbing tribe which owns the buildings between the Egyptian suq and the Sphinx Hotel on Youseff Hassan Street. As he was a tourist bazaar owner before the "troubles" (it's getting like Northern Ireland, isn't it?) of 2011, he speaks very good English. This is a great help to me, obviously, as I can actually explain things to him instead of using sign language of a sort interspersed with speaking loudly, and then shouting!

We've been away for quite a while, and I didn't think that the water filters would take any hurt, as the water was turned off anyway. WRONG! AGAIN! The "activated carbon" filter went wrong, all by itself. For some strange reason, the carbon beeds burst through their containment within the filter bowl and merrily made their way into our water system, blocking up here and there as they went! It seems to be sorted out now, please keep your fingers crossed for us?

We sometimes get to the point where we think, "What can possibly go wrong next?"

As you're aware,  Dear Reader,we do like to share out whatever work we can to the local tradesmen. And so it came to pass that I had two shirts which needed the collars turned, and my last pair of "Blue Harbour" moleskin jeans needed a new pocket, where my English change had worn through during our sojourn in Windy Nook. "Ageeb" the tailor is just up the street. He has a tiny shop with enough room for his sewing machine and a small cutting table, and we've had him do several jobs for us before. He's repaired the trouser pocket with a new piece of nylon to re-make the whole of the bottom of the pocket, a good job! How about the collar turning? See if you can spot the deliberate mistake:

Well, did you spot it? The same mistake on both shirts? Fran Cotton and Ben Sherman won't be too pleased, I can tell you! He's only gone and turned the collars from the wrong seam, so that the buttons and button holes are now in the wrong places!!!!! No matter how he twists, I'm going to have to take them back, even though I am dreading it.


We ventured out to the Nile Palace, for tea, coffee and English cake. You can tell how pleased they were to see us back, by the thickness of the slices of cake:

Doorsteps? We struggled to get them down!  (Well; to be ruthlessly honest, I could probably have managed by myself, if I hadn't had Freda with me.) But enough of that gluttony, it's a sin, you know?

See you soon, Insh'Allah.

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