Would you Adam and Eve it?

Same old, same old!

We were glad to get away from Windy Nook because of the wind and the rain. Here, it's been sunny and hot, as you would expect in Egypt, I suppose.

Obviously, we've been mainly occupied with cleaning, or being in Egypt, should I call it "The white man's burden", as that is what it seems to be. Whilst the Egyptians flood everything with water, we English put in endless hours with a vacuum cleaner and mop, it's our way to try to preserve our hard-won furniture etc by not having the bone dry wood soaking up water and rotting it all away.

As part of of my initial cleaning routine, I put all of our camel wool rugs and clippy mats out to air, thus:

When I beheld the scene, I thought it looked like a carpet bazaar! In fact, I commented to myself, "It's the Our Luxor open-air carpet showroom!"

We'll be on for a few days yet, before everywhere is really fit for our own occupation, never mind receiving visitors, but it's all part and parcel of living here and keeping up normal standards!

Something that becomes normal here is not being disturbed by the early morning call to prayer, which is amplified from every Mosque. As yet, I haven't become properly re-acclimatised (or even re-acclimated, as our American friends would have it!) to this invasion of my nocturnal privacy!

So, there I was, quietly bobbing between consciousness and oblivion, after being vaguely aware of the mullah's dulcet tones, when, all of a sudden, I could hear heavy rain stotting off our steel-sheeted roof! In no time at all, Freda was shouting, "The carpets, the carpets!" I suddenly found myself running, naked, about the roof terrace, like the proverbial "Wild Man of Borneo", grabbing up rugs and carpets to get them out of the downpour. Not a pretty sight, I can assure you!

As we were properly awake by now, we decided to have some of God's favourite drink, and we sat with our cups of tea watching an episode of the classic 70's British comedy "Going Straight" starring the incomparable Ronnie Barker. Then the power went off!!!!!!!!! IT'S EGYPT! Remember? Of course, us now having a new (to us, anyway) laptop, one where the battery doesn't give up after ten seconds, we were able to keep watching in the dark.

Happily, the power cut only lasted ten minutes and it didn't rain for long, either, and the thunder and lightning soon abated as well. Before we knew it, there was a balloon in the sky over the "Side of the Dead", and all was right with the world once more!

So there you have it, Dear Reader, our first missive since returning to the land of the Pharaohs, and now I'm going to be tired and grumpy all day!

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  1. Glad we missed the rain! You running around naked had me smiling, but when in the confines of your own home, you can do what you wish!

    Keep the updates and photos coming, just love them.