Rain stopped play!

Well, "heat stopped play", actually. It's been a bit on the warm side for the past couple of days, Dear Reader. Here's a few shots of our outside thermometer, just to show you what we're suffering/enjoying at present:

It's not too clear, is it? But I can assure you that the thermometer is reading 48.3C. However, although it is in the shade, it's also in an enclosed position. So, I moved it into a more exposed place, but still in the shade. Here we are:

As you can see, it's dropped by more than one and a half degrees, but it's still rather hot, as can be judged by the next pic which shows the temperature in "real money" (Colloquialism: real money = what we used to be familiar with, in the olden days. i.e. before decimalisation and European interference!)

                 That reads 116.1F, for those of you who cannot make it out.

To save us having to go tramping around the shops in this sort of heat, we're making do with what's in the cupboards, or can be sourced very locally. Sardine and tomato spread (from Tesco), for example and/or meals prepared by our favourite Egyptian cook; Mrs Adam. Here's her latest offering, Kofta, spaghetti and potatoes, with the obligatory tomatoes, of course. It lasted three meals and was, as usual, scrumptious!

We've also got crumble mix and Bird's Custard Powder in the cupboard, so fruit crumble drowned in steaming custard is also the order of the day. Just what we need to keep our body temps up to match the weather.

Living in the centre of town, as we do, we're very fortunate to have so many suppliers of many of the different types of foodstuffs which we need, almost on our doorsteps. Just up the street, we have our favourite egg man. Although we only buy half a tray at a time (15 eggs) he's quite happy to fill our home converted egg carrier for us:

13.5LE there! (£1.125) And they're big ones. And, they are more flavoursome that the free range ones we pay a fortune for in England!

We're also fortunate enough to have air-conditioning! Poor Uncle Mohamed, next door, doesn't, and he's really quite ill, even without the extreme heat that we're experiencing at the moment. I don't know how he's managing, and it's flummoxing as to why he doesn't spend a little of his vast wealth to be more comfortable. But that's Egyptians for you, I suppose!

I think it's probably time for a cuppa now, so I'll say "tarra", and settle down to watch something from YouTube, as we enjoy it.

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