Psychological tricks?

I just love being a grandfather! I can recommend it to any man who's feeling that life is somehow passing him by. My children have been good enough, so far, to provide us with six of the little blighters.

Maybe I shouldn't say that, as the second eldest is the same size as I am, and he's only 13, his bigger brother, at 15, is over six feet! Our Charlotte and husband Mark, have presented us with three strapping boys, Mark, Anthony and their youngest Joseph, who's 10.

Benjamin, our eldest, has only managed one girl, as yet, she's the beautiful Kezia. (We are hoping for more from him, as he now has a really serious partner; the lovely Bridget.) The only problem with Kez, is that she lives with her mam in Harrogate, so we only see her one weekend out of two. (And that's while we're here in Windy Nook!)

Then there's our baby, Alice! She has Isabella, who's now six, and of course her newest, Zachary, who's not yet even a week old, and whom you've already seen enough pictures of!

When Benjamin was a little boy, he was a fussy eater. At one point, while I was trying to get him to taste leek (he was probably about 25 at the time, OK, OK maybe 9 or 10) I told him that it was a slightly different type of onion, he loved fried onions. The ruse worked, and even though he now realises that he was tricked into trying it in the first place, he now enjoys leeks whenever he comes across them.

So, when Alice was coming for her haggis, I thought I'd try a similar course of action with little Izzy. When all's said and done, I'm a wise old grandfather, and she's just a little girl;  I was bound to be able to win her over with my innate charm and ingenuity!

The ploy was to tell her that the Scotchies all have porridge for their breakfast, and then haggis for their dinner. This was certain to grab her lively imagination, as I was sure that Alice would have introduced her to the delights of eating porridge by now?

"Hello little sugar, grandma has a real treat for you today!" After the welcome kisses etc. and a bit of cooing over Coconut, "You have to hold his head up, Granda!" she admonished. It was time to commence my cunning little plan!

"You know that the Scotchies have porridge for their breakfast every morning, don't you, Izzy? Well, they have haggis for their dinner, every day as well! And you like porridge, don't you?" Before I got any further, Izzy jumped in, " Oh, Granda!" (in her best 'explaining to a tiresome old fool' voice) "Porridge is just for OLD people, didn't you know that?" So, she ended up with just 'Tatties and Neeps', but asked for a second helping nonetheless.

Thereby, my six year old granddaughter proved the old adage, that while wisdom comes with age; age, sometimes comes alone! Children are so precocious now, aren't they?


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