Gearing down and drinking tea.

Well, we're now into our last week here in the land of pitmen and whippets! I'm sorry that I haven't written much of any real interest for you Egyptophiles of late, but it's rather difficult to report on things 'Egyptian' from the cool comfort of  England, as the BBC's coverage of the revolution proved, lol.

Freda has had me working (what's new; I'm sure that she thinks that I'll die if I'm allowed to just sit about and relax) I've overseen the plasterer doing the bathroom ceiling, and the four walls in the little front bedroom, painted said ceiling with PVA and two coats of white, sealed the new plaster walls with the same PVA. I've even done the 'up the ladder' work helping her to wallpaper the bedroom!

Being colour-blind is a bit of a bind as far as being an unqualified and already dangerous electrician is concerned! But, hey-ho, I managed to fit a new ceiling light in the bathroom, without killing myself or anyone else.

I've also become something of a plastic window aficionado! All the windows in the first floor of our (two floor) flat were replaced when we moved in, but never finished off! The two front bedrooms were left without window sills, and the old wooden bits were just screwed on around the new windows; to be finished off 'later on', likewise the two windows in the livingroom.

I don't know if you're familiar with the one-time singing duo, 'The Silly Sisters', but one of their songs contains the lines "When I kissed her on the Wednesday, I couldn't wait for Thursday. But I can tell you now, me lads, that Thursday never came!" Well, that was about the plight of our UPVC (or PUVC, or whatever) windows, until this holiday, anyway.

As I lay in bed, contemplating the unfinished windows which were staring me in the face, I had a Pauline type of revelation! "Can we fix it? YES, we can!" Well, Dear Reader, it's easier said than done, especially when you're an outdated motor mechanic trying to mess on with bits of white plastic and sticky sealer which has a mind of its own! But never mind, 'faint heart never won fair lady', or so they say.

I was determined to keep in my 'fair lady's' good books and get on without grumbling. Like our home in Luxor, our home in Windy Nook is a bit of a 'House that Jack built", consequently nothing's straight or plumb or level! What a surprise, eh? I've had to trim and cajole odd pieces of plastic to fit where they are equally determined NOT to fit. But it's coming, it's coming! Here's a pic of the first attempt, there was no windowsill or cover over the central mullion.

I'm writing this while I'm waiting for one bit to stick, so that I can remove the 'scaffolding' of my level and a piece of wood in order to get on with the opposite side.

I think it's probably time for a cuppa while I wait, why don't you join me?

That's better, isn't it? Talking of tea drinking; I had a very pleasant experience the other day! I just know that your'e dying to hear about it, lol. (Well, you're going to anyway!)

We were invited to stay with a friend in Dumfries (in Scotland) whom we hadn't seen in a while. She used to live in Luxor, but is now back here in the UK. It was a lovely change, and we were really glad to see her and exchange all our news and gossip. She also took us shopping in some of the great value places around about Dumfries. Of course we spent more than we could really afford, the prices were very good and too good to miss! We did save though! Instead of using 'Number One Son's' Volvo (at 30 mpg) we borrowed his, recently acquired, fancy BMW estate (50mpg), so I didn't feel too guilty about buying yet more TOOLS!! (I wonder if there's a self-help group or something, perhaps 'Tool Hoarders Anonymous')

Getting back to the tea drinking; on the return journey, we stopped off at Brampton on the A69 for a break. After acquiring a parking disc (and remembering about them and how they are used) we trotted off to see what we could see. Freda, of the 'Eagle Eyes', noticed a sign which had completely passed me by, but which read "The Enchanted Teapot". Who could refuse?

It's a small tearoom, just off the main street where the Post Office is. And it's a delight! The lady owner only opened up a couple of weeks ago, and she does all the cooking herself. Her light snacks, cakes and pastries etc. all looked lovely, we had a toasted teacake and a plain scone with our two small pots of 'Ceylon' tea. Now then, I'm sure that, by now, you're all aware of my predilection for tea? This was the 'tea to end all, teas', easily the best tea I've had in the past few years!

Nothing strange about the tea itself, it was the standard Twinings tea-bag, I've had (at least) thousands of them. The cup was a normal china teacup, normal white sugar with normal cow's milk. All these factors taken into consideration, it only leaves the water which could be different! But different it must have been, 'cause the tea was absolutely beautiful; crisp, clean, refreshing beyond measure. I cannot find words with which to adequately extol its many virtues. Although we only had two small pots of this divine elixir, I managed to squeeze over seven cups from them, what a delight! The cost was most acceptable too, about six pounds in total.

I only got these few pictures, but I hope they help someone to recognise this treasure house when they find themselves in Brampton.

This last one shows our messy table and the (up-to-date and current) magazines and newspapers which are available for the customers to browse through, quite a selection, I'm sure you'll agree!

If you're in the area, I couldn't give better advice to any tea drinker than to call at this place; 'The Enchanted Teapot' I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

Better go now, I can almost hear the windows calling!

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  1. Oh to be in England ever for a good cuppa. lol sandra mick x