London calling, London calling!

Well, not London really. But this blog is directed to those of our readers who are in Egypt, so just as for Egyptians; Cairo and Egypt are interchangeable, then so are London and England! I should, by rights, have written "Windy Nook calling, Windy Nook calling!" But it just doesn't have the same ring, does it?

Anyway, I cannot write about Egypt just now, as you all know that we're on holiday at our 'other' home, here in little Windy Nook. But I haven't forgotten about  our adopted home, either. Neither have I forgotten the sweltering heat of Luxor in August, nor the fools among the British contingent there, who miss the rain! So I thought that I'd just let those among you who do miss it, see what we had today:

It came on this afternoon, all of a sudden, and it was torrential, as you can see. Not only was it coming down like 'stair rods', it was also thundering and lightning! While the lightning was nothing out of the ordinary, the thunder was like nothing I've heard before in my 61 years. The sound of heavy breathing, in the background, isn't some raincoated pervert, it's just me, breathing normally! 

You've all heard thunder, haven't you? It 'rumbles', or 'booms', both words which suggest (well to me they do) a note in the lower register, like a bass or baritone voice. Not this thunder! It was more like a tenor (think Pavarotti rather than Terfel) it actually sounded like a complete roof of steel sheeting had been blown off, and was tumbling over and over on a concrete surface, and VERY loud!

We had our Alice here for lunch (haggis, tatties and neeps, which she has been craving for months, but couldn't have because she was preggers) with Izzy and young Coconut.

When it came to take them home, it had actually been stopped raining for quite some time, but, through having to take several detours to avoid flooded roads, the 10 to 12 minute job took 35! 

So there we are rain lovers, there was also a fair amount of hailstones among it, just for good measure! All it does for me is to confirm that we made the right decision to spend so much of our time in Egypt.



  1. Yes we know why you like Luxor. We do as wellsandra mick

  2. Well! I've learnt something new. I now know what Tatties and neeps are.Mind you, I had to google it :-D