Therefore, send not to know for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee, dear camera !

Yes, the sad truth will out!

Michael the watch man brought back the sad old camera with the news that it cannot be repaired in Luxor, maybe they could do it in Cairo, but at a cost of 150 le. (And you all know how much Freda HATES Cairo)

Gone are the happy carefree days of snapping here and snapping there, willy-nilly. As a memoriam, I thought that I might browse through a few of the pictures I've taken with it. You don't have to come along with me as I roam down Memory Lane, but you may, if you wish.

This first one is of Freda with two dear friends, David and Rosemary, in their beautiful back garden in Derbyshire. We met them at the Winter Palace, years ago, a lovely couple who would dress for dinner (the works, I mean!) and then dance around the foyer of the New Winter Palace to the music provided by Los Amigos, the Russian/Egyptian combo. They used to come every December and stay over the Christmas holiday. (But they were 'living in sin'!!! Shhhhh.) 

I'm sure that some of you also know how much Freda hates to have her picture taken, but she's here in this next one as well! This time with another good friend, only one we met through this Blog! I've cannily caught him with the sun just in the right place to somewhat disguise him. I cannot remember who the boy was.

Our friend was showing us around his latest hotel acquisition in Luxor:

We've met some really kind people here in Luxor over the years, several have become friends whom we really miss when we don't see them for a while. We met two sisters at the old Novotel one year, and we've been fortunate enough to see them every year since, except that we'll miss them this year, as they are coming later than usual, and we will be in England at the time. They comprise half of a family of four sisters, from the 'Black Country', and are known collectively as 'The Wenches'. Here are the original two, on the left; Glen and Mar, two ladies whose company we enjoy enormously! The other two were friends of theirs from the Etap, Freda and I joined them at '7 Days & 7 Ways' a few years ago, where I took this very poor picture. We really hope to see them again next year.

I don't usually take pictures of visitors to 'Our Luxor', but this following little monkey (well!) seemed to be soooooo brazen! Just look at the eyes.

After several squirtings with water, from a 'Baraka' bottle with a hole in the top, the beast finally left us alone. It must have warned its mates, as we haven't had any cat trouble since!

Unlike India, where the cows roam freely everywhere and anywhere, they don't roam around here very much! Here's one which I came across a couple of years ago, two streets away, during the 'Eid el Adha'.

Although I'm not personally convinced, the people who practice this sort of slaughter reckon it's much more humane than the way it's normally done in the West. In this instance, there wasn't enough room for cars to pass the carcase in the street! It gave me quite a turn to come across it, I can tell you.

Talking about celebrations and the like; don't forget that the Moulid is coming up! I'm reliably informed that the stick fighting/dancing will commence in our street tomorrow night, after they've closed the road. Probably around 9 or 10, and the same on Tuesday. For those of you who don't know what on earth I'm on about: It's the Moulid of Abu El Haggag, a famous Sheikh from years gone by, whose Mosque is the one built on top of the Temple. People come from all over Egypt to join the Luxorians in their annual celebrations. The town will be packed with Egyptian tourists; many of whom won't mind sleeping outside, and with some who have very little contact, if any in their normal lives, with foreigners. So you can expect some rather inquisitive looks, they mean no harm though, so don't worry.

When I find out, for sure, on which day the parade ('carnaval', as it's known) is, I'll post it on here. No new pictures though, so I'll have to dig some old ones out.

Have a gander at these, for a taster! 

Yes, that is a fire breather in the second picture. Actually, it's not quite, he's squirting a spray can across a lighter flame, which is probably more dangerous!

I cannot find any stick fighting pictures, they must all be hidden away on a disc somewhere, sorry. You'll just have to toddle on down here and see it for yourself!


  1. Oh Edward, that was a bit of a shock seeing the poor calf with its throat cut!! Not the usual thing I see on your blog! Must admit I was in Luxor last November during Eid, and found it very unnerving seeing the 'next victim' lined up at the butchers.

    Ah well, Luxor life, warts an' all. Hope your camera gets fixed, or you can get a new one when you return to windy, wet England! Kind Regards Annabel

  2. Oh crikey Edward, I do hope you get your camera fixed, but you didn't half give me a nasty turn when I saw that poor beast in the street. I know it happens over there (have even seen it a long time ago during a village trip) but I don't like it in my face while having my morning coffee!!!

    So, when you get a new camera, please take some nice pleasing pictures for the more squeamish of us living over here in the soggy old UK!!