Bad news/Good news!

You all know the woeful tale of the broken camera, so I won't embarrass my beautiful wife any further by repeating it. You also know that our steam-driven laptop has seen better days, don't you? (My Egyptian computer man says it should be thrown in the Nile!!!)

Well, "Good News" awaited us when we got home! Our son Benjamin gave us his laptop, it's only a couple of years old and has millions of Gigabytes instead of one and a half, or whatever derisory figure our old one had.

Bad news, is that it doesn't put photo's right like our old one, and it won't take the program that does it for us. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm!

I found another camera which seems to be relatively simple to use, with an 18x zoom! Pretty useful, I would have thought, but I had to sell my youngest granddaughter to be able to afford it!

But what use is all this fancy technology if I cannot compress pictures to put on the Blog.

Lo and behold; the other day I found out that the camera actually compresses pictures itself! What was that about every cloud? Or all things working together for good? So now, I'm as happy as a proverbial sandboy, and I expect to be blogging merrily away before too long.

See ya!

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