Search Keywords during June.

They're the usual queer bunch, one or two which I cannot fathom at all, and one,  presumably from an American lady, whom I hope never ever wants to come and stay at 'Our' Luxor!!!! Is she really planning what it looks as if she is? 

People's spelling doesn't get any better either!
Here they are:

tubing james river trip advisor 29/06/201

how much money should u get if ur raped at the luxor by a security guard 25/06/2012

just like me weekend wicked shop 23/06/2012
difference between earthed and unearthed cable 21/06/2012
Find me Mustafa in Luxor 19/06/2012 
cheating in Luxor 19/06/2012
Panackalty 19/06/2012
etyop gabendrm part to 19/06/2012
the birthday boy has awoken 13/06/2012
what are key words when searching for an apartment 13/06/2012
How to solve water problem in apartment 11/06/2012
handrail w flat top 11/06/2012

Vacuum bondage body suit 09/06/2012

Poker room wall 06/06/2012

swim Burundi 06/06/2012

The two ronnies aladdin sketch 05/06/2012

way the anchor monty python 05/06/2012

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