More of the 'Egyptian Way', I'm afraid!

It seems that I may be turning Egyptian, in mind if not in body, anyway!

I bought these keys a while ago, to you and I (and anyone else who thinks that patents are a worthwhile invention) these are actually 'Torx' security keys.Very useful, as nothing else will undo the Torx fastenings which they slot into.

They cost me the princely sum of 25 Egyptian pounds, and have been worth every last piastre! The shrink-wrap bag in which they came announced that they were 'Star Shape Allen Keys'! Each to his own, I suppose.

Anyway, the Karcher vacuum is held together with these 'Torx Star Shape Allen Screws', so I made use of the new gear in taking the vacuum to bits. (I just wonder if there's a penalty for using snide tools which are patented?) As usual, I found that the 'Spitting Electrician', our friend Mr Ramadan, had been cutting corners again! Instead of stripping out the old wire right to the end, he'd just cut it where it was easy, and joined it back up with a twist or two and some electricians tape. He hadn't even bothered to nip up the screws in the cable clamp! (And you wonder why I try and do so much myself?)

To my eternal shame; I've done the same! Except, of course, that I have tightened the screws in the cable clamp. As I said above, I must be turning! (I hope this doesn't mean that I've got to take an Egyptian wife to go along with my English one! I don't think Freda would be too chuffed about that, eh, Playmates?)

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