Labour in vain..

No, I'm not writing about that comic duo Bliar and Brown, who used to specialise in their own particular brand of 'black' humour, nor even their worthless protege, Mr Millipede. I'm on about MY labour, which is much nearer to my heart!

You saw the state of the place yesterday, didn't you? Plus, you know that I couldn't leave it overnight, so that was twice that the whole of the outside areas (including the stairs) were vacuumed. The sandstorm seemed to have abated, so I was quite pleased with myself; all done and dusted, so to speak.

Then, when I got out of bed this morning,  I came to this:

Yes, yes, it's worse than ever!

Also, the flex on the Karcher has broken. It started to go off and on yesterday, and when I wobbled the flex where in entered the machine, that was what happened. So, that's my next job this morning,  being a colour-blind electrician! 

Wish me luck, please????? 

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