Hello again, not very much to report but Freda is managing to find things for me to do, which will keep me out of mischief for the next millennium or so!

I'd finally had it with the Karcher vacuum! The pipes and tools are all 'bitsa's' (bits a this and bits a that), and all second hand as well, but they have really been driving me to distraction! The flexible tube has a piece with a tapered end which fits snugly into the female taper of the rigid tube, only it wasn't. Consequently, I've now cut the end off the rigid tube twice, making the joint a tighter fit in order to stop the flexy bit falling off as I was vacuuming.

But that wasn't the worst thing, oh no! The worst thing was the end piece, don't know what it's actually called, but I've called it some bonny names over the past few months, I can tell you! Here it is here, broken down at the two places where it keeps falling apart, the main tool was falling off the right hand piece every few strokes, just worn away I'm afraid

As I'm sure you're aware, Luxor isn't the easiest place to find the things you really want. But, God being always good, I've been led to a Christian 'Electrical Repair Man' who's not very far away! His shop is where I  bought the offending item above, about two years ago, it was second hand then, of course, and I think I paid 20le for it. So not too bad, I suppose. Time for another rummage around, in among his junk!

Disappointment! Apart from these few assorted vacuum hoses, all he had in the 'pre-owned' section was two or three large cardboard boxes full of battered stainless steel electric kettles. His English is almost non-existent, and while my Arabic is improving very slowly, it doesn't yet run to "Why the devil don't you have any second hand vacuum cleaner ends, you old fool?"

Eventually, he dug around behind the counter and produced a brand new one, which he handed to me after cleaning what looked like the dust of a few hundred years from it. Now then, once when we were at home in Windy Nook, I'd been scouting around on the 'net' looking for this self same tool, before I bought the second hand one in Luxor that was, and they were about 18 to 22 quid, plus delivery! There had been cheaper ones, but not with retractable brushes.

I was a bit flummoxed, as I hadn't been given very much money to come out with, and certainly not the equivalent of 20 English! But to my huge surprise and delight, the price was just 40le! (That's right, a little over £4!) So now, I'm a happy vacuumer again! (Rip-off Britain?)

More Generalities.
As I roam around, I sometimes snap at things which tickle my fancy, and recently has been no exception. This was the entrance to the 'government' supermarket the other day!

Of course, the shop was still open, I just managed to squeeze my svelte figure through the gap, clicking my shirt in the process. I'm thinking of putting in a claim!

This next shot was taken in the next street, on the other side of the building opposite us. Mr Fahwi must have too much money at the moment, as it appears that he is having all new cotton  mattresses and cushions made, and by a visiting mattress maker, posh, or what? That's one of his many sons emerging from their little alley.

You'll remember that I told you about the carry-on with the gas bottles? Well, the man in this next picture had paid 30le for his, plus he'd had to travel half way across the town to get it!

It's not very often that you see PSV passengers carrying 'Calor Gas' bottles on the 'bus in England, is it? Oh, and guess what he was doing with his left hand, being Egyptian? That's right; he's smoking! 

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