It's Finished!

Actually the roof has been finished for a few days now, it's just the cleaning up and tidying things away that's taking the time now. Today I've been washing (scrubbing actually) the walls on the roof terrace, and they've come up quite well. The 'muriel' was filthy, I suppose that it caught a great deal of muck off the old roof, when I took it all down before our holiday.

Just a few little pics to show you what I'm up against while I'm trying to get anything done.

Yes, I'm afraid that the cup of tea is one of the biggest stumbling blocks, but it's not just me, you know! Freda often stops the job by demanding tea, and, of course, she cannot make it, so I have to. 

I'm sure you all know what that is, don't you? It's a high speed twist drill. It's for drilling holes in metal, and this particular one is 3 millimetres in diameter. Trouble is; they aren't supposed to bend, I snap these sort of size drills regularly, as I'm not a very good driller. I think this is the first time I've managed to bend one, though, it must have been real junk! It's typical of the quality of tools and hardware etc. which I've bought in Luxor, and sometimes take up as much time, by the trouble they cause, as if the job had to be done twice over!

Yes, that's 61.1c. Actually it was in the sun (like me, when I'm working) and by the time I picked it up, came indoors and grabbed the camera and then went back outside, it had dropped from 64.3! So you see, it's not all that easy; working without stopping for refreshment etc.

On top of all the work on the roof, I still have my normal duties to perform as well, cleaning and shopping and washing the dishes, the list is endless!

Actually, the roof work entailed rather more than I had imagined as well! More curtain pole had to be bought and cut, new brackets had to be designed, and made at the local blacksmith's (the bought ones are made of double thickness silver paper) and the curtains had to be altered too. The decorative cross motifs along the roof edge had to be copied, as there weren't enough of the originals. Of course they aren't the right colour, as the varnish on the old ones has been weathering for the past 5 or 6 years! I suppose they'll darken down with time.

I expect that the unveiling ceremony might take place tomorrow, so I'm hoping that it will stay fine for some good photography, haha!

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  1. That's one of those special bits for drilling around corners. I'd frame that and hang it someplace on the patio as a trophy. You could say to guests, "It got so gosh darn hot when I was rebuilding the canopy, the drill bits were drooping in the chuck like taffy before I could put bit to wood." Put that snap of the digital thermometer as the background. Make the frame out of wood from that chair that collapsed under you when you pounded that hole through the wall. Trophies, badges of courage.