Indian summer?

It's been over 43 degrees again today!

At first, I thought that I must be a bit ill or something, as I was running with sweat while I continued working on the roof. You know how it is, an ache here and sudden flush there, and the next minute you're remembering where the Aspirin are, because you're sure that it's the start of a heat attack! Well, I am like that sometimes, it may be an age thing. LOL.

I've been in and out all day; guzzling water, making tea and sandwiches, checking for enquiries (haha) and keeping abreast of the latest developments regarding the new visa regulations for visitors to Egypt. Have you seen them? I'll not outline them here, but if you're interested you could look here:
I have to admit to having a couple of short naps as well, I like a good nap!

I read somewhere that the nutters in Cairo were kicking off again today with a proposed 'Million Man March' with the slogan 'The Day of Anger', and that something was being organised, by busybodies from Qena, to coincide with it here in Luxor. As it happens, we'd just watched the first half of an episode of 'Waking the Dead' in celebration of our son getting a new job, and I had been on the shower during the 'interval' when I heard them! At first I couldn't tell from where the noise was coming, then it dawned on me that it was getting closer. I went out onto the roof terrace to try to ascertain which direction they were coming from. "I must get downstairs and take a picture or two", I thought. Then I realised that they were getting too close for me to get dressed and traipse downstairs in time. I hung over the wall so that I could see a small sewction of the main street.

I waited for a minute or two, and then noticed the people over the main road watching the approaching crowd. Then I saw the first ones, young men, carrying banners nearly the width of our main street (about six metres). There were quite a few different banners and many Egyptian flags, then came the pick-up truck with several of the world's biggest speakers standing in the back! Then the rest of the procession. All in all, I would estimate that the whole lot took about a minute and a half to pass by. There weren't very many of them. As I've said before, Luxor isn't really a hot-bed of political discontent, or even dissent.

Getting back to more important things; the roof is finished, except for the 'decoration only' bits, upon which we haven't yet decided. I'll take some pictures tomorrow, insh'Allah, after we've cleaned up my mess a bit.

Next it's back to painting, my very favourite task! (NOT.)

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