And all for the want of a horseshoe nail!

You all know that little ditty, I'm sure. It's not literally true in today's circumstance, but it might as well be.

The new roof for the shaded part of the roof terrace is coming along slowly, but I like it so far. The two visitors we've had this week have also commented on it in a positive manner, so that also pleased me!

I'm not too skilled in handling 4 x 4 bits of plywood up a ladder, with a staple gun in the other hand. So, I set to and designed and produced an "extendable roof panel holder upperer" which is only to be used by fully trained and properly attired (the correct safety workwear being a short satin slip) beautiful female assistants. Here is a picture of said extendable roof panel holder upperer (patents pending) in use, the beautiful female assistant declined to be photographed.

                                   What do you think of the fabric, then? Not too blue?

The only reason I haven't got farther on with it today, is that the mains electric drill has "gone west". (colloquialism warning!!.....gone west = gone wrong, broken, or gone away)  The wire, where it goes into the handle seems to have broken, as the power comes and goes when it is wiggled about. I took it down to the 'no speak English' repair shop at lunchtime, and expect to collect it again tomorrow lunchtime. (Insh'Allah) It's so frustrating! Two drills gone down on the same job, you couldn't make it up, could you?

So, "for the want of a horseshoe nail", becomes "for the want of a strand of copper wire!"



  1. Hi Edward!
    We call your device a "deadman". Very handy when hoisting 12' long sheets of drywall to the ceiling, and holding it there till someone can get a few screws into it.
    Kindest Regards,
    Mike & Diane

  2. It is blue, but I like it!