My husband, the carpenter?

Because our two apartments are on the 3rd and 4th floors of our building we need to have a pump to ensure adequate water pressure for the showers etc. The pump switch was located just inside the guest apartment door, in a little alcove so no one could see it. Our problem has been when we have had a water cut and the pump begins to make terrible noises as it has no water to pump, if we have guests staying it is not always convenient to go into the guest apartment to switch the pump off until the water comes back on again.
“Move the switch” we agreed. Eventually we got our local electrician, Mr. Ramadan, to come and move the switch onto the wall outside of the apartment so we could access it at any time. Problem number two occurs when I see the switch, it is at eye height and is an eyesore, every time I come up the stairs it is there looking decidedly ugly.
Edward decides to build a box to hide it. We have plenty pieces of wood stored on top of our roof, saved from various jobs my carpenter husband has done before. Last week out comes pencil and paper, tool box and several bits of wood.
One week later I go downstairs to find a wooden frame around the switch, which is slightly lopsided (“Egyptian, is it?”, I comment). Although Edward has taken several measurements he had not realised that the back plate was not level at the top, hence the lopsided appearance.
Today he has been working away with his tools, pencil, paper and pieces of wood for most of the day. He has been in for lunch, had a break to have a glass of lemon and several forays into our living room to get out of the sun and drink copious amounts of water. Because he has been out in the sun on the roof terrace for the best part of 2 days he is beginning to resemble a beetroot, yesterday he did not wear a shirt and his shoulders are red, today with his shirt on, it is just his face which is getting redder.
At teatime I leave him to it and go out, we meet up later and arrive home about 9.30 I am first up the stairs to see the effort of his many hours of work, is it an improvement, I will leave that for you to decide. Here are the before and after photos

(Editor's note: Watch out for the next instalment "How to mend a broken nose"!!!!!)

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