It's nee gud bein' poor and lookin' poor!

That used to be a popular saying where I grew up, as most of the local folk were not what we could call "well off". The point was that even poor folk could get themselves done up when the need arose.
One of the changes which really made me think about the better financial situation of my generation compared with that of my parents was when I started to notice the number of restaurants in the local telephone directory! I cannot recall my parents ever going out "for a meal", let alone taking us brats along with them. Nowadays it's common practice, and no less here in Luxor.
We don't eat out all that often, and when we do it's only in one of a very small number of eating establishments. Tonight, we went to a newly opened restaurant which already has a substantial following, we had the same to eat as we have had there on previous occasions, and it was as delightful as ever. Strange?
I took a few pictures, and here are the best two of them. Any clues, anyone? Actually there are clues aplenty in the pictures

Oh, I nearly forgot to mention that it's right next door to another of my all-time favourite fuel stops.
If I get some time tomorrow; I may get around to putting you out of your misery. Meanwhile, you can either send your answers on a post card, or leave a comment on this blog.
Nighty night!

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